Digital Management of Pandemic Disasters

by Prof. Dr. Ir. Mehmet Aksit, TOBB ETÜ and University of Twente

Offline recording of the presentation on October 21.

The first 44 minutes refer to the presentation: What is digital management of pandemic disasters; National and International alliance on digital management of pandemic disasters; What kinds of actions we want to carry out; What is our motivation; Life cycle of pandemic disasters; What are digital ecosystem platforms; How to design digital ecosystems for digital management; The last 18 minutes (0044 to 0104) refer to Questions and answers.


Examples of Paradigm Shifts in Software engineering: Our Research Experience

by Prof. Dr. Ir. Mehmet Aksit, TOBB ETÜ and University of Twente

Presented on October 14. The talk discusses the following topics:

importance of problem identification; paradigms and a way to understand the need for a paradigm shift (features = problems; lack of expression power; anomaly); Cases: OO programming and beyond (inherent OO problems, problems related to the object-oriented paradigm, proposals for aspect-oriented programming, decline of aspect-oriented programming, and dealing with emergent behavior); from languages to models (composition vs transformation, language engineering vs model-driven engineering, composition vs transformation, user-defined composition operators in extensible languages, constructability concerns: abstractness constraint and standardization constraint, and modeling challenges); problem-domain to solution-domain driven design (problems of use-case driven designs, challenges of design and hermeneutics development); and smart cities and beyond (problems in current smart-city systems, integration and interoperability challenges, generalization of smart-cities to digital management, importance of adopting ecosystems architecture for digital management).


Bilim Genç- Bilim Söyleşisi - Prof. Dr. Mehmet Akşit ile Amatör Radyoculuktan Bilim İnsanlığına (in Turkish)

Prof. Dr. Ir. Mehmet Aksit, TOBB ETÜ and University of Twente

Prof. Akşit has given a talk in Turkish titled "Interest, knowledge and affection: a path to a success", which includes some examples from his own life. The talk includes the following parts: (1) The process of Interest, knowledge and affection; (2) Personal attributes to make this process successful: to be able to grasp the essence; self-confidence and problem solving skills; to be able to discover the simplest solution alternative; creativity; ability to think critically; (3) software is everywhere; (4) Summary.


Philosophy of Computer Science Series: (1) “The imperfect Information Problem in Software Engineering”

Prof. Dr. Ir. Mehmet Akşit, TOBB ETÜ and University of Twente

Online recording of the presentation on 5 November 2020

Definitions; Software engineering and imperfection; Why iteration cannot remove imperfection perfectly; How t deal with imperfect information; Questions and answers.