The Alliance on Digital Management of Pandemic Disasters (ADMPD) consists of parties aiming to minimize the negative effects of pandemic disasters using advanced digital technologies. The alliance uses the term “pandemic” to indicate the disasters which negatively influence a large number of people.  As such the alliance does not restrict itself to infectious diseases only but also considers disasters such as large-scale earthquakes and war conditions.  

The alliance distinguishes itself from most of these activities in the following 3 aspects:

1. The alliance focuses on digital management techniques in the broadest sense. Instead, most work in disaster management today mainly considers organizational, management, and governmental procedures.

2. The alliance does not target a specific application domain. In contrast, most commercial product development activities in disaster management today address a particular set of problems, such as statistical analysis of pandemic data, simulation of various scenarios, proximity tracking of persons, etc. Logically, the alliance investigates the common ground of such applications in disaster management of today and the future.

3. Most activities in disaster management are organized and managed by a company, institute, or NGO. Although the alliance is supported by the TOBB Economy and Technology University, it is an independent working group.