The strategical objective of the alliance can be briefly summarized as to establish a large enterprise architectural framework for digitally managing pandemic disasters. To this aim,  the alliance carries out the following activities:

 - Support national and international   pandemic-related digital standardization   activities; Standardize the required   pandemic disaster management business   cases and scenarios within spatial   dimensions; Define systems of systems   digital infrastructure (digital ecosystem)   which integrates products possibly   developed by different parties and   cultivates the results of research outputs.   Provide growth of the digital ecosystem   through events, media and academic   relations;

 - Define professional certification criteria   based on offered training plans and   accredit evaluation bodies in pandemic   technology domain and smart cities for   various roles (e.g. decision makers, managers, technologists and entrepreneurs)


- Starting from the human-cantered pandemic scenarios, formulate the areas where the current digital systems and technologies fail in short;

- Elaborate on the digital solution domains, and define the areas of technological research in harmony with psychological, sociological, political and spatial considerations. Accordingly, initiate, support and collaborate within the (newly) initiated research activities;

- Publish and disseminate the generated knowledge as manifesto, standards, and ecosystem infrastructures in the relevant public media;