In the following, we present a list of various possible stages which you may be typically going through, so that in the end you obtain your final diploma successfully:

  • Select the project(s) you are interested in: Read the description of the projects carefully. Check if you are fulfilling the requested background for the projects that you are interested in. You may consider more than one project if you cannot clearly make up your mind.


  • Apply for the positions: The whole journey starts by sending an application mail to the email address that is stated. In order to speed up the process, please carefully indicate the project(s) you are interested in, motivate your decision as much as possible, carefully read what kind of qualifications and documents are needed. Attach all the requested documents to your mail. Let us know, if for some reason you cannot supply all the documents at the time of the application (for example, you may be at a final stage of your study and not yet have the necessary diploma). You can always contact us if you need to obtain more information.


  • Your application will go through a quick scan: Your application will be scanned to check if you fulfil the basic requirements for the position(s) you have applied for. You will receive the result of the decision in about a few weeks.


  • A more detailed review: If the first scan is positive, your application will be simultaneously reviewed in more detail by the corresponding company, the university (TOBB ETÜ and in case of a joint PhD, also the corresponding University), and by the grant giving organization if relevant (we call these as “the parties”). At this stage, your motivation letter, grades, projects you have carried out, the recommendation letters, etc. are all considered.


  • Interviews: Simultaneously, you will be going through a series of Internet and in person interviews by the involved parties. Each party will evaluate your application from its perspective. Naturally, the involved university will be more interested in your academic skills, and the company will assess your application if you fit into the company profile. In some cases, you may be asked to give a presentation and explain for example your accomplishments in your (past) study and the related research work.


  • Job offer: If all parties agree, then you will be offered the position. All the necessary procedures (signing the contracts, job conditions, scholarship conditions, etc.) must then be completed officially. In case of a joint degree, visa and related formalities must be completed eventually.


  • Start with project: You will start with the project at the time that is agreed. Initially, the project will follow the project description, which may be updated in due time, if necessary. You will need to make a plan with your Principal Supervisor to carry out your research and education activities successfully.