A Journey Towards an Excellent Researcher

This research program distinguishes itself from others; All the Ph.D. projects must fulfil the following principles, which we term as the “industry-as-a-laboratory” approach:

  • Actual Industrial problems: Problem definitions will be inspired from the technical challenges of the corresponding companies (we will call in short the company). There will be sufficient visits to the company to understand the problems. The company will also provide the necessary infrastructure to realize the aim.


  • Active Collaboration with industry: Based on the description of the project, and the identified problems, the possible solutions are investigated under the guidance of the Principle Investigator. Candidate solutions are tested at the company if appropriate. You may be asked to give presentations at the company and at various scientific events. Of course not all the problems will be addressed at the same time, you will progress interactively and iteratively towards the aimed objectives.


  • Active Collaboration with the fellow researchers: Since most topics within the context of the research theme are complementary, you will be in close coordination with your fellow students who have started their research and education program like yourself. Together, you will be working towards developing the products of the future.


  • Operate globally: During your research trajectory, you will publish your work internationally where appropriate. You may also visit the relevant universities etc.


  • See the impact: Once your research contributions become more visible, you will be asked to transfer your knowledge to the company in the form of a new method, product, enhancement of an existing product, in the form of presentations, courses, proof of concept implementations, experiments, etc.


  • Become an expert which leads the technology: Once you obtain your diploma, you are not just a person with an academic degree (Ph.D.) but also a person who has received an excellent education, has made impact to the industry, has learned to cooperate in a team to address complex problems of the future, has worked together with different universities, and finally, last but not least, you will be a person who has carried out an excellent academic research work.